The European Theatre arrives in Lecce with the International Theatre Institute – ITI

TheThe European Theatre arrives in Lecce with the International Theatre Institute-ITI
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16  the First European Regional Council of  ITI

Internationalization of the scene, collaborations and partnerships, international
co-productions, productive and cooperative partnership: the European theater will meet in Lecce on 15 and 16 October,  hosted by the Italian Center of the International Theatre Institute – ITI UNESCO and by Astragali Theatre with the first European Regional Council of ITI.
The Meeting will open  on Saturday morning at the Auditorium of Province Museum and then continue on Sunday at Paisiello Theatre.

A rich parterre of participants from European National Centres of ITI, featuring also the presence of Tobias Biancone, Director General of  ITI worldwide (whose seat is located in Paris and in Shanghai). Together with Biancone there will be in Lecce also Thomas Engel, Germany; Daniel Bausch, Switzerland;Ivanka Apostolova, Macedonia; Tatjana Azman, Slovenia; Mentor Zymberaj and Elmaze Nura, Kosovo; Ann Mari Engel, Sweden; Gad Keyner, Israel;Jean-Henri Drèze, Belgium; Levan Khetaguri, Georgia; Zeljka Turcinovic, Croatia; Alberto Garcia Castano and Luiz Llerena Diaz, Spain; Alfira Arslanova, Russia; Apostolos Apostolides, Cyprus.

“For the first time ever,” emphasizes Fabio Tolledi, president of the Italian Centre of ITI and artistic director of Astragali Theatre, “the European national centers of the International Theatre Institute, the world’s largest performing arts network, meet to develop a joint strategy for collaboration, exchange of good practices, internationalization. This will happen in Lecce, thanks to a demanding work made over the years by the Italian Centre of ITI, that makes us proud”

The event is supported by Region of Puglia under the ” Programma Regionale di Spettacolo dal vivo per la valorizzazione delle Risorse culturali ed ambientali della Puglia – 2016″ financed by the Development  and Cohesion Fund 2007-2013 FSC – APQ strengthened by “Heritage and Cultural Activities”, with the artistic residence at Teatro Paisiello of Astragali Theatre and the City of Lecce, and in collaboration with the Institute of Mediterranean Cultures.



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